Mia Nazzaro

Curated Sentiments Collection

With a background in contemporary, non-traditional tattooing, Mia Nazzaro has developed a unique voice in textile design and illustration as a whole. Her work is minimalist, whimsical, and is saturated with personality. Curated Sentiments is for those who prefer that their home environment to be a reflection of themselves-- for everything to have a unique touch. The concept is especially timely during a period when craftsmanship over disposability is valued, and consumers are searching for personality and substance. It is a boutique line, not intended for mass production. Novelty is a plus: it makes products collectable and special. Influenced by Matisse, Rousseau and Kate Zaremba, motif inspiration includes antique keepsakes, classic ornamentation, and Romanesque images mashed up with Memphis-esque abstraction. What makes this collection stand out from a growing trend of eclectic minimalism is not only its distinctive illustration style, but the use of motifs to tell a story as well. The line showcases the beauty in everyday life; each design sparks a conversation, and is an ode to the ordinary. Although lacking in texture, interest is created through movement, scale, and layering. A wide range of prints, paintings, and paper cutouts come to life as wallpaper and upholstery. Dynamic compositions of many elements create larger scale designs, sparking interest in the otherwise simplistic motifs. Crisp linework is juxtaposed against bold, painterly swaths of color. Barbie pink adds a campy feel to an otherwise contemporary vibe, striking a balance that feels fresh yet comfortable for interiors. The final effect is a cheerful, youthful yet sophisticated spring line that fits effortlessly into any urban, stylish home.


Donna Schneiderman