Samyukta Easwaran

Samyukta Easwaran's work, Pins and Needles, aims to represent anxiety visually. She created this piece to make anxiety tangible so that others can create a space of understanding within which to respond to what anxiety means to them. The purpose behind Pins and Needles was to help remove the stigma associated with anxiety. It showcases a way of expressing emotions, suggesting anxiety often feels like being under and above water; the suffocation verses the freeness from it. Easwaran worked with her hands using the repetitive motion of embroidery to complete the piece. Back and forth action released her internal restlessness to visually share the movement of what was inside her mind. Chaos and calmness were displayed through colors, materials and the “pins and needles” of embroidery and felting.

Samyukta Easwaran’s work is an amalgamation of hues, silhouettes, natural dyes, and the manipulation of fabric. Her work is an expression of her mind through various textures, colors and textile craft practices. An integral part of her creative process is an admiration of traditional craft, ethnic inclusiveness, the environment and social sustainability. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences and learnings in visual communication and fashion that resonate throughout her textile work.


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